Xanthan Gum 80 Mesh Powder

We, at Brova, are distinguished suppliers of Xanthan Gum 80 Mesh Powder, a versatile and highly functional ingredient widely utilized in food, pharmaceutical, and industrial applications. Our Xanthan Gum 80 Mesh powder provides a perfect balance between quality and affordability, allowing us to distribute and supply in bulk quantities around the world.

As a preeminent manufacturer and distributor, we integrate cutting-edge technology and steadfast commitment to excellence for ensuring the highest grade of Xanthan Gum 80 Mesh Powder.

Xanthan Gum 80 Mesh Powder

Our Xanthan Gum 80 Mesh Powder is a high-quality, free-flowing powder that exhibits powerful thickening and stabilizing properties. It enhances texture, mouthfeel, and viscosity when incorporated into various formulas—ranging from sauces, dressings, dairy products, bakery items, to more technical applications like toiletries, pet food, and agrochemicals.

Key Features & Benefits of Xanthan Gum 80 Mesh

Key FeaturesBenefits
VersatilityCan be efficiently used in various industrial applications like food, pharmaceuticals, and cosmetics.
High-Quality ThickenerActs as a powerful thickening agent, essential in food processing, especially in sauces, dressings, and dairy products.
Excellent StabilizerOffers excellent stabilization in emulsions and suspensions to prevent ingredients from separating.
SolubilityExhibits high solubility in both hot and cold water, making it a sought-after ingredient in many formulations.
Enhances TextureIncorporation can significantly improve the texture and mouthfeel of the final product.
Usable in High or Low pHRemains stable under extreme pH conditions, a reliable choice for products that need to withstand various pH levels.
CompatibilityCompatible with a wide range of ingredients, can improve the properties of other hydrocolloids, creating a synergistic effect.
Eco-friendlySourced responsibly, aligning with our vision to offer sustainable and eco-friendly solutions to our customers.

Manufacturer & Supplier

At Brova, we draw expertise from our well-rooted knowledge of hydrocolloids and established relationships with reliable global sources. We stand tall among other dominated Xanthan Gum 80 Mesh Powder suppliers in the market with our unwavering commitment and streamlined process to ensure maximum customer satisfaction.


Our Xanthan Gum 80 Mesh Powder upholds a high-standard of quality, meeting or exceeding all international standards. For detailed specifications, please contact us, and our dedicated customer support team will assist you.

Bulk Orders

Over the years, we have positioned ourselves as reliable, global bulk distributors of Xanthan Gum 80 Mesh Powder. Our supply chain proficiency, coupled with our commitment to customer satisfaction, allows us to quickly handle and deliver bulk orders.


We conduct business by respecting the planet and everyone living in it. Our obligation towards sustainable sourcing of all raw materials is an essential part of our vision. We source responsibly, adhering to our strong commitment to excellence in food safety, quality and supporting our suppliers while safeguarding animal welfare and life on land.

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