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Our Mission

Simplify your ingredients sourcing from China

Imagine what’s possible when you have an expert by your side every step of the way. Brova is the experienced partner you need — from concept to completion. Backed by an immense product portfolio and deep technical expertise, our integrated solutions include:  

Ingredients Sourcing
On-Demand Samples Collection
Global Logistics & Delivery
Custom Premixes
Brova Mission

Customer Success

We help our clients succeed with innovation and trust, respecting our planet and everyone in it.

Brova is a mission-driven, innovative nutritional and functional ingredients company that improves human and animal health. 

We offer a range of products and solutions that benefit our customers. The solutions we provide that truly help address the enormous challenges facing the world we live in: making life better.

Brova - Our Values

Customers’ champion

We are the customers’ champion. Our customers and consumers don’t just choose us once, but rely on us delivering for them again and again.

Performance matters

We’re committed to the highest standards of performance, in quality, consistency, safety and more. We’re not just delivering better nutrition, but delivering it better every day.

Winning together

We expect a lot from our people and offer much in return. We nurture individuals but encourage everyone to work together. Winning is great, but winning together is far more rewarding.

Showing Respect

Respect underpins everything we do. Caring for people and the planet is embedded in the fabric of our business. Respect builds a better future for everyone and is vital for our success.

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