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Unveiling the Science Behind Ascorbic Acid Powder

At Brova.co, we are dedicated to providing high-quality ascorbic acid solutions for your business needs. As a leading supplier, distributor, and manufacturer of ascorbic acid, we ensure the purity, efficiency, and sustainability of our products

Pure Ascorbic Acid Powder

Ascorbic acid, commonly known for its extensive applications across various industries, is an essential ingredient for businesses looking for reliability, efficacy, and purity. It is used in pharmaceuticals, food and beverage, cosmetics, and animal nutrition. Our commitment to supplying the highest quality ascorbic acid ensures that businesses can depend on us for all their ascorbic acid needs.

Specifications of Bulk Ascorbic Acid:

  • Chemical Formula: C6H8O6
  • Molecular Weight: 176.12 g/mol
  • Appearance: White or slightly yellowish crystalline powder
  • Solubility: Freely soluble in water, sparingly soluble in alcohol
  • pH (5% w/v solution): 2.1 – 2.6
  • Melting Point: 190 – 192°C

Benefits of Ascorbic Acid Powder

  • Protects cells from damage with powerful antioxidants.
  • Boosts the immune system’s strength and resilience.
  • Extends the freshness of food by inhibiting spoilage.
  • Improves skin health by reducing signs of aging.
  • Aids in wound healing and tissue repair.

Bulk Powdered Ascorbic Acid Manufacturer

As a distinguished bulk powdered ascorbic acid manufacturer, we offer a seamless solution for your manufacturing requirements. Our state-of-the-art facilities and adherence to stringent manufacturing protocols guarantee a consistent supply of top-grade ascorbic acid powder for your production processes.

Our Products


Our network of trusted wholesale vitamin suppliers gives us access to top-notch products from reputable manufacturers, ensuring freshness and effectiveness in every order.


Our hydrocolloid products have been used in the food and beverage industry for decades and are known for their superior quality and reliability.

Wholesale B2B Ascorbic Acid Powder Supplier

In the e­ver-changing world of B2B, trust is absolutely crucial. Count on us, a reputable­ supplier of B2B ascorbic acid powder/ b2b food ingredient supplier, to delive­r the vital vitamin ingredient your busine­ss needs in terms of both quality and quantity. you can also explore Vitamin ADK Benefits.

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Industry Grade Product Supply 

We offer ascorbic acid in various grades, tailored for specific industry applications, ensuring compliance with international standards.




Food Grade

Food & Beverage

≥ 99.0%

Pharma Grade


≥ 99.5%

Cosmetic Grade


≥ 98.0%

Feed Grade

Animal Nutrition

≥ 99.0%

Ensuring Quality and Reliability

Choosing our ascorbic acid means investing in a product that meets stringent quality standards. With bulk availability, global distribution capabilities, and technical support, we ensure that your business receives the best, without compromise.

Ordering Information:

For pricing, ordering, and more information on our ascorbic acid products, please contact our sales team. We are here to provide you with efficient and personalized service.

Partner with Brova.co for Your Ascorbic Acid Needs

Choosing Brova.co as your ascorbic acid supplier means partnering with a company that is committed to excellence, quality, and customer satisfaction. Let us be part of your success story. 

Reach out today to explore how our ascorbic acid solutions can benefit your business. 

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Frequently Asked Question

A vitamin wholesale distributor like Brova the process of supplying nutritional supplements to retailers or other businesses for resale.

Purchasing wholesale vitamins in bulk can significantly reduce the cost per unit, which allows businesses to manage inventory more effectively, offer competitive pricing, and improve their profit margins.

Typically, pharmacies, health stores, and other retailers source their products from wholesale vitamin suppliers to ensure a steady supply for their customers.

Yes, Brova prides itself on its robust supply chain network that guarantees a consistent, on-time supply of vitamins to meet the demands of your growing business.

Brova sources vitamins from reputable manufacturers, including those in the USA, ensuring that products meet our high standards of quality and safety.

Brova ensures quality by sourcing from GMP-certified manufacturers, maintaining a strict quality control process, and adhering to regulations set forth by industry authorities.

Absolutely. Brova stays ahead of industry trends to provide you with the most sought-after vitamins and dietary supplements to meet the dynamic needs of consumers.

Brova accommodates the needs of both small and large-scale businesses, offering various order sizes to cater to the unique demands of each business.

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